THE KETO DIET – Book Introduction And Review

Leanne Vogel is a well known Keto enthusiast and nutritionist, She’s also one of the best keto bloggers out there, She started Keto years ago because of her weight and some other health issues, She wrote The Keto Diet to help explain and guide newcomers knowing how overwhelming the whole keto experience can be.

Ketosis is a body state where instead of burning carbs for energy, You start burning and using fat as fuel which turned out to be a great way for weight loss and health optimization.

At the start of her journey, Leanne found out that keto can be really difficult and simple mistakes can destroy all the hard work, She started tweaking, adding and removing stuff throughout the years for fast and great results, She put her whole 6 years keto experience in the new book she wrote “The Keto Beginning”, You don’t have to make mistakes and learn from them since Leanne already did that, Making your keto journey a smooth and great one

Click here and Grab your physical copy of The Keto Diet.

The Keto Diet Book Content:

  • Over 230 pages of information on the keto diet, meal plan, How to eat keto, What to eat, How to not fall off ketosis and learn strategies.
  • four 30 day keto meal plans, each one of the meal plans has specific results and reasons to why you should adapt to it.
  • More than 140  ketogenic recipes, many of which are grain, dairy and gluten free; also vegan friendly.
  • Some of our website favorite recipes are:
  • S’mores Waffles

  • Chilli-Stuffed Avocados
  • Dairy-free Butter Chicken

  • Keto Milkshake

Grab your physical copy of The Keto Diet here.


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  1. I love leanne’s books, Thank you for the article was helpful

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