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What is the ketogenic (keto) diet?

The ketogenic diet is not intended to be a temporary diet for weight loss, although it works great for that, but it is more of a lifestyle change where you consistently and drastically reduce the amount of carbs you ingest. It not only makes you burn fat for energy (more on that below) but helps you become very aware of how rampant and ubiquitous carbs are in this day and age

The Keto Diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that has a lot of misconceptions and can be daunting to try, Which is one of the reasons why pure created these specefic BHB ketones to help us increase the ketone (energy) levels in our body and enjoy “a more affordabe and tastier” keto lifestyle

The BHB Keto review:

This review will be broken into two parts:

1. A small part that will introduce the basics of the supplement.

2. A larger part that will introduce our readers to full details and help them understand the main points of the supplement.

Basic Information

Release Date: 2022

Price: $49 (Use our link for a 35% price discount)

Official Website: Click here

Full Keto beginning Review

1.The key details

beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the main ingredient of the product Perfect Keto, BHB is the ketone responsable for energy when we’re in ketosis,

Using beta hydroxybutyrate as a supplement helps increase ketones in your blood, It is also known that more ketones in the blood means more energy, Faster fat burn, A better feeling in general and all the other benefits of the keto lifestyle (Less hunger, Weight loss, Better gut health, etc..)


From the day I put my hands on the supplement, I used it for almost everything, From a preworkout supplement, An energy booster for when I’m feeling weak, I also use it after a cheatmeal just so I can avoid any chance of having keto flu while getting back into ketosis. Now my daily usage of the supplement has as a goal to speed up my weight loss.

2. Pros And Cons

The Main Pros

  • Faster fat burn due to the extra ketones

BhB ketones burn fat. Exogenous ketone bodies are just ketone bodies that are ingested through a nutritional supplement. Ketone bodies produced in the liver are more properly referred to as endogenous ketone bodies. Exogenous = Originates from a source external from the body. Endogenous = Originates from a source internal to the body.

  • More energy
  • Eliminates Body Toxins
  • You won’t experience the Keto-Flu
  • Natural feeling of energy
  • A Gluten Free Supplement
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee that it works

The Main Cons

  • One bottle will only last you 30 days (Use our link for a 35% price discount)

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3. Our Verdict

Final Score
  • Amount of The Supplement- 7.1/10
  • Quality Of Supplement- 9.1/10
  • User Friendliness – 9.3/10
  • Bonus items – 8/10
  • Customer Support – 8/10
  • Overall Value For Money – 9.5/10



  1. I recently tried this ketones supplement to aid in my weight loss journey and have had a fantastic experience with it! Not only have I been able to lose weight more quickly, but I’ve also noticed increased energy and mental clarity. The supplement has helped me stay on track with my healthy eating habits and exercise routine, which has resulted in consistent weight loss over the past few months. I highly recommend ketones supplement to anyone who is looking for an effective and natural way to lose weight and improve overall health.

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